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Charles Bridge in Prague


Czech Republic, a country in the heart of Europe, is located at the crossroads of many different routes. There have been merchants and troops from all corners of the world traveling through here as well as pilgrims with their deep thoughts, contemplating the secret of life and that of the entire world. And these are the routes which brought the brothers Cyril (Constantine at that time) and Methodius from Macedonian Thessaloniki. Brothers Cyril and Methodius significantly contributed to the spread of the Christian faith. It was via these routes that the young princes traveled to be baptized, to study Theology and the Western culture. These trails were frequented by kings, emperors, professors, cardinals, ambassadors, couriers or messengers carrying rare books, sealed documents and architectural plans. And it was not only the pilgrims traveling along these routes but with them also their attempt to spread and heal the Christian faith, in order to move closer to its original mission.

Bohemia and Moravia often played a key role in the spiritual life of Europe. Noble and beautiful architectural buildings were being built here and education was evolving and spreading. There was no escaping, therefore, the spiritual struggles, the conflicts regarding the purity of faith, and the knowledge of that mystery of life and the world. This fighting brought armies, which once again destroyed and robbed, and the very cradle of the “heart of Europe” was on the outskirts of the European affairs.

As a testament to the times of building and destroying, of fighting and peace are still places, which in every generation always again and again attract those who seek to understand more–or at least for a while, to escape the rush of this world. These places are nearly in all the Czech and Moravian cities, towns, villages and open countryside. You will find cathedrals, monasteries, schools, churches, prayer rooms, synagogues, cemeteries, or just small chapels, conciliation stones or crosses in the fields. They are witnesses, and the signs of the ancient human desire to touch the mystery and find the answers to our questions.

We can once again go back to these paths and crossroads, and together seek out the stories which were almost forgotten, reviving thoughts that stirred Europe and indeed the whole world. Touch the ancient stones, buildings and statues which for centuries witnessed not only great historical events but also breathtaking and captivating stories.

Magni – journeys with a story.