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About us

HelpTour is a tour organiser and operator established in 1997 dedicated to the long-term support of cultural tourism with a special focus on exploring the rich spiritual traditions of Christianity and Judaism in the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe. For this reason the brand Magni | Sacred Czech was founded in 2010.

We aim to provide  organised tours to major places of interest associated with well-known figures in Christian and Jewish Czech history. We hope this will prove useful to visitors, including tourists, pastors, teachers, students  and all others interested in history including church history. We’re committed to creating profound, exciting and fun tour experiences that you’ll enjoy.

We pull out all the stops to make your travel to the Czech sacred sites a truly memorable cultural and perhaps spiritual experience: from detailed itinerary planning with stress on quality to your unrestricted time with our expert tour guides and guest presenters.

Our services

If your group is looking for a hotel, transportation or complete offer for themed pilgrimage travel, we offer the best deals ranging from an inexpensive entry level package to more comprehensive higher-end trips. Be inspired by our ideas and -integrate them into your plans. We can help you with careful planning, organization and management for a completely successful trip. Request a free custom quote. We look forward to working in partnership to meet your wishes.

  • Planning your itinerary
  • Organization of events
  • Transport and logistics within the Czech Republic
  • Selection of restaurants and hotels
  • Tourist guides with knowledge of church and jewish history
  • Tickets to various cultural events and exhibitions
  • Selecting a church, if you want to attend a worship service or meet with church pastors

Our partners

For the compilation of tourism programs and activities, we actively work with the following partners:

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