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Time and climate

  • The 24-hour clock is generally used in the Czech Republic in printed materials and on digital clocks. The 12-hour clock is also used when speaking colloquially or in relation to analogue clocks.
  • The week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are not working days.
  • The time zone GMT (UTC) +1 applies throughout the territory of the whole Czech Republic, i.e. CET (+0). Winter and summer time are used in the Czech Republic.
  • The clocks go forward on the last Sunday in March at 2:00 CET to 3:00 CEST. The clocks then go back on the last Sunday in October from 3:00 CEST to 2:00 CET. Summer time (an hour more) thus applies here from roughly April to October.

Climate and weather

Similarly to other Central European countries, the Czech Republic has a moderate climate with four seasons. Similarly as seen in the whole of the northern moderate climate band, the start of the year is marked by a cold winter, mostly with an abundance of snow; summers are usually hot without any extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Detailed information about the climate in the Czech Republic and the current weather forecast can be found here.