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The Czech spiritual tradition

Within the borders of today’s Czech Republic, a number of events took place whose impact reached beyond its frontiers. Many of them relate to the influence of Christianity, which as the dominant religious tradition figured into the decisions of rulers and monarchs. When travelling to sacred sights, you will encounter works of art from different eras that reflect the creativity and skill of our ancestors. When we disregard worldly values and their historical influences, we can bring an added dimension to our journeys to religious monuments. Behind every work made by mortal hands is a story of inspiration, faith and the human desire to touch things that are greater than oneself.

Learn about significant events and places

In this publication you will find tips on the most significant and most beautiful religious monuments, interesting facts about their history, and tips for trips in their vicinity. In the walls of churches, chapels and cathedrals, in the stones and bricks of monasteries, there are traces of historical events – just waiting to be explored. This publication should help travellers in their discovery, which also takes place within themselves. It can serve as a pocket guide to places where history both major and minor was made, offering insight into the beginnings, high points and vestiges of historical epochs in which the Christian and Jewish faiths have played an important role.

We welcome you to a journey though the spiritual history of Bohemia and Moravia with wishes for good weather and an open heart.