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Restaurants and accommodation

Restaurants, pubs or cafes are often open from late afternoon until late at night, often until 11 pm.

During the summer, restaurants open gardens for you to sit outside, which are usually open until 10:00 pm (due to regulations relating to a ban on loud noise at night, which usually lasts until 6 am). Bars or clubs are often open even long after midnight, especially at weekends.


It is usual to leave a tip in restaurants, especially as an expression of your satisfaction with the services of the establishment. A member of staff usually brings the bill and leaves. When he or she returns, it is up to you to say how much you actually want to pay. Another option is to pay the precise amount and to leave the tip on the table. Tips usually represent 5 to 10 percent of the bill.

Hotels, guest houses, hostels, motels and camp sites

Accommodation in the Czech Republic corresponds to the standards of European countries. It is possible to find cheap accommodation for students and also top-quality luxury hotels. Other options are provided by guest houses, camp sites, hostels or accommodation in private houses. Detailed information can be found on the websites of individual cities or tourist regions.

Hotels are designated one to five stars and classification is no different from that in other European countries. Hotels are common in every city and also in areas frequently visited by tourists, for example near lakes or in the mountains.

You will often find comfortable and quiet accommodation in guest houses, which are especially suitable for families with children. Guest houses are usually characterised by their personal approach and good quality to price ratio.

Just like elsewhere in Europe, it is also possible in the Czech Republic to find cheaper accommodation at the price of a lower level of comfort. An example of this is communal rooms in hostels with bathrooms and toilets in the corridor. Hostels may have the advantage of being located in the centre of the city.

University halls of residency are usually vacant from June to September and offer their capacity to tourists. Halls of residence can be found in all university cities (Prague, Olomouc, Brno, Plzeň, České Budějovice, Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Ostrava, Opava, Liberec and Zlín).

Motorists can make use of motels, which are cheap hotels situated along the motorways and the busiest roads.

Nature lovers can make use of cheap accommodation in camp sites. These can be found around lakes and navigable rivers or the outskirts of towns. They usually offer accommodation in tents or small cottages. Communal toilets and showers, power points or a restaurant or sports centre are usually available.

Special types of accommodation

The Czech Republic is famous for its many castles and chateaux. Many of them offer luxury accommodation in chateau suites.

You can also find accommodation on botels, boats or barges on lakes and rivers or canals.


In the Czech Republic, you will find restaurants where smoking is permitted, completely non-smoking restaurants and also those which have separate rooms for non-smokers or where there is a ban on smoking during lunchtime, usually from 11 am to 2 pm.

There is a complete ban on smoking in enclosed areas freely accessible to the public, public transport, covered platforms, shelters and waiting rooms for public road and rail transport as well as public transport in cities.

Tobacco products may not be sold to persons under the age of 18.


Source: CzechTourism