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Prague Jewish Classic

The Jewish population began to settle in the region of Prague in the 10th century. The first settlements, which later disappeared without  a trace, were in the Lesser Side (at Újezd) and below Vyšehrad. Possibly in the 1st half of the 12th century another Jewish settlement with a synagogue was established around today’s Dušní Street. During the first half of the 13th century, the Jewish population spread to the area of today’s Old-New Synagogue and thus established  the Jewish Town – the ghetto. In 1850, this town became the fifth Prague quarter and was named Josefov (in memory of the emperor Josef II). A Town Hall, six synagogues and a cemetery are preserved from the original neighborhood. Other buildings were demolished during the renovation at the turn of the 20th century and replaced by the Art Nouveau tenement houses and buildings -- for instance  Paris Avenue – Pařížská třída.


  • Old-New Synagogue
  • Klaus Synagogue
  • Pinkas Synagogue
  • Spanish Synagogue
  • Old Jewish Cemetery
  • Jewish Town Hall
  • Jubilee (Jerusalem) synagogue


  • Visit to the Jewish Quarter’s synagogues and exhibitions at the Jewish Museum
  • Prague’s Jewish Quarter with an unforgettable genius loci
  • Option of combining learning with enjoying Prague’s range of cultural attractions.
  Starting point: Old-New Synagogue Duration: 3 hours Group size: 2 - 10 persons  

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