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The Hus Celebrations 2015 will present one of the most important persons of Czech History

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In July of 2015 it will already be 600 years since the martyrdom of Jan Hus, who stands in Czech history as an example of the...

Delegates at international conference tour Prague in footsteps of Jan Hus and Hussite revolution


2015 is the 600th anniversary of the martyr’s death of Master Jan Hus at the Council of Constance. Hus’ life and death sparked a reform movement...

Prague Reformation Tour 2014

Group photo in the tower, St. Martin in the Wall Church

Prague tour In the Footsteps of Jan Hus and Hussite Revolution in November 2014 turned out excellent for the group of US expats.

Reformation Tour in October 2014

Day trip In the Footsteps of Jan Hus and Czech Reformation in October 18 turned out very well for the group of US and UK expats.

600 Years of Czech Reformation coming 2015

Statue of Master John Hus, Prague Old town square

The Czech lands were affected by an economic depression under the reign of Wenceslas IV, the son of Charles IV. Highwaymen and plague epidemics racked the...

Music treasures of the past

Dvoraks’ Olomouc Festival

Music has always been a natural part of life in the Czech Republic. The Czechs have maintained their position among the top musicians in the world....

The history of Czech architecture

Cathedral in Kutna Hora

The best architects have left marvelous structures in the Czech Republic, including secular and church structures, private and public buildings, decorative and utility facilities, all of...

History of Czech Fine Art

Prauge – National gallery

What happened in the realm of fine art at the very beginning of the Czech history? Many magnificent paintings and other fine art pieces can be...

Royal Way

Prague castle

The Royal Way is one of the most beautiful historical sightseeing routes and a symbol of old Prague. It traces back the history of Bohemia, which...

Twelve Czech wonders of the world

UNESCO Zdar nad Sazavou

The Czech UNESCO heritage is an association of districts and town in the Czech Republic, whose territory contains monuments entered in the UNESCO World Cultural and...